Tuesday, 20 January 2009

We Were...

... surrounded by teachers at the London Bett Ict Educational exhibition, which made my SIL and I chuckle no end, especially when presented with a badge each with HOME EDUCATOR stamped on the front. They could have just stamped 'leper' on our heads. No offense to anyone suffering with leprosy, but you get my meaning.

Still we had a great day. We purchased a Neo 2 for each of our children, a variety of books and a copy of Word Shark and Number Shark each. Neo's should arrive tomorrow, and the 'sharks' have been a great success here already. Amazing if you tell chidren its a 'treat' rather than 'school work' how much they can do! Have to say these computer programmes are very very addictive - I've been playing with them :o)

We loved Writeonline but refrained from subscribing! Well at least for now - we blew our budget on the Neo's. Managed to stop for a bite to eat and a quick drink on way home though!

Hettie has managed to write about an A4 side for history today about the laws of ancient Mesopotamia - great work! Issy has completed all her Sonlight work and more.

Tomorrow we're off to the Natural History Museum to see the Darwin exhibition and hopefully will have some time to spend at the science museum. Some difficulty here, because I have one child who believes in Evolution and one who believes in the Creation. However the lesson has become one of respecting the beliefs of others and that is no bad thing. So packed lunches are ready, worksheets ready to print out early in morning and lifts etc arranged.


Mrs. Darling said...

Wish I would have been there with you!

Dawn said...

I hope you have a great time at the Natural History museum...that sounds interesting.

Rik (Wordshark Support) said...

Glad you are enjoying your Wordshark and Numbershark - plenty in them for all ages, so enjoy! Shout if you ever need support (number on back of CD case) Best wishes, Rik (WS Support Manager)

Luke said...

"...especially when presented with a badge each with HOME EDUCATOR stamped on the front."

Wear it with pride! You are doing a great thing by homeschooling [smile].


Lisa said...

Thanks Rik - we have your no ;o)