Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Enter the Babies!!

As you probably guessed they've caused quite a stir and a rush to the supermarket to buy lots of nutritious green veg for the mummies.

Lovely for my girls and Issy came down at midnight to have 'one last look' Babies are venturing out today, so lots of time to watch them. Of course Issy's baby is bouncing and leaping about the cage and started nibbling some veg today. Hettie's are quieter but following mum out. All look healthy and well!!
Issy preparing lunch:

Hermione and Baby 1:

Baby 1 is very nosey and seems to always have her nose poking out the door!

Ginny and Babies 2 & 3:

Baby 3 or 4, we can't tell the difference yet!

Hopefully all will settle down again in a couple of days. Oh well its all science!


Dawn said...

Those babies are so cute. :)

Bridget said...

Congratulations to the new mums.

kellyi said...

As you know, we are waiting to see if we can expect to hear the "cheep cheep" of baby guinea pigs over the next few weeks. They look adorable though! Mums look great too.

Lisa said...

LOL Kellyi I thought of you when they appeared! Lisa x