Friday, 14 November 2008

Wow - Its been a while...

...since I blogged. Why? Well I stopped in summer 'cos we were away a lot and then it sort of drifted and drifted and so on, and on, and on...

But we're back, can't promise to be as regular, as things are all a bit hectic here as usual. So what have we been up to? Lots and lots actually. Too much to list.

As far as school work goes we're definately of the 'eclectic group now, using a bit of everything and after over two years now of home education, I think I've bought everything! OK maybe not everything. Our most recent buys have included a lot of Montessori equipment, in particular for Issy who is a very visual learner and some lapbook packs for both girls to back up work in Hettie's case and to form the main part of Issy's work.

Spelling cards!!

We made a model Tudor Town with Modroc.

Hettie with the Montessori multiplication and division boards.

Issy with the Montessori addition and subtraction boards.

Issy made a rainbow on the back window, she actually covered both after this and I didn't buy the cellophane sheets for this - but it made a lovely indoor rainbow.

Someone recommended montessori for Isobel and I'm really pleased with the bits I've bought and the bits I've made, which I'll post at a later date. She's mainly working on Montessori for maths, some worksheets I made based around Aesops Fables for English and lapbooks for the majority of her work. Her current obsession is Guinea Pigs. 24 hours a day is talking about Guinea Pigs, reading about Guinea Pigs and on and on, until Hettie and I both dreamt about them last night!! The deal was a great project about them and you may get some. So tomorrow we're off to get some. Hettie's out for the day with her friend so I get to pick hers. I decided probably not good for Santa to bring them down the chimney! Not surprisingly Issy managed to produce a lovely project within a fortnight.

Hettie is working well and I'm really pleased because at long last we're getting some progress.

This week the boiler packed up - on Monday! So we've been living with 2 fan heaters and the woodburner all week - and yes I'm married to a heating engineer! Still the new boiler is on the wall, not connected, but its up there. So tomorrow I've got friends for dinner in the evening, a boiler being fitted, Hettie's out for the day, and Isobel, well its Guinea Pig D-Day!
Oh yes and we've also acquired a couple of African Giant Land Snails, Sponge bob and Gary...

... guess who's looking after those now!

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Bridget said...

It's good to see you back here.