Sunday, 16 November 2008

New family members........

.......... Ok so I gave in! And we have two new baby piggies. I have to say they really are sweet and despite being new to our house, and being only 7 weeks old, they are putting up with an awful lot of mauling, sorry I mean gentle handling to tame them. Issy has not left them alone for a second unless forcibly removed from the room. Hettie was out with her friend, so Issy and I went to get them. Fortunately they only had these two girls so no choice - we could have been there for a week deciding otherwise. Presumably they actually are girls because I haven't personally checked.
They have been carried around since early morning, Isobel was the first up today and I don't think that's ever happened before. In fact I thought she was Hettie. They may meet an early demise from over indulgence of carrots and they have spent a large part of their day being carried around in dressing gown pockets, so suffocating is another possibility. Then there is a very probable chance we're going to loose one.
Fortunately the dog isn't taking too much notice of them - he's about the only one, even dh seems besotted by them. I, however, am not enamoured by sweeping up piggie poo all day and scrubbing piggie wee off the sofas.

Issy's first cuddle!

This Issy's piggie called Ruby, well she was last I heard. Strangely enough Ruby is blonde, jumps and skips and wriggles, and constantly talks to us - mmm just like her owner.

This is actually Hettie's piggie, which as yet has no name at all. She is content to lay on the sofa, eat and grunt occasionally and has fluffy hair - mmm just like her owner.


Bridget said...

Our puppy went to the vets for its innoculations on Saturday, whilst we were there I asked the vet to check her leg muscles were developing properly as she doesn't use her legs. She's carried EVERYWHERE!!

Ruth said...

. We have a blonde one and two rust ones too. In fact your blonde one looks exactly like ours. They are so cute:)