Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Counting, History and Christmas!

We were up and about early today and so got on with some work! Hettie made a good start on her new history project on Ancient Mesopotamia. We started using some notebooking pages and she produced some lovely work. She started making a Sumerian coracle out of clay, and after a bit of maths work got on with making her Christmas Tree decoration. I've bought a lovely book - The Christmas Craft Book from Myriad.

OK, so we may need to change it from a tree bauble to a ceiling decoration, but at least she made most of it with no help! I may need to check dimensions on the next project.
And Issy faffed about all morning and played on the laptop, but we did manage to get some maths done:

Christmas countdown begins soon, so I must sort out some shopping over the next week and get organised, and I'm hoping to make an advent hanging decoration at the weekend. And I've just put my cuppa on the side and missed completely so off to wipe up tea!


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh that bauble is funny. I like it that big. lol Im really looking forward to doing some christmas crafting around here. With the grandkids here nothing much seems to be happening but caring for them and shuttling kids back and forth to classes!sigh

Shirl said...

I love your Yule "ceiling" decoration ... :0)

Ruth said...

Love the "bauble" You look very busy.