Thursday, 17 July 2008

High Heeled Shoes....

...are something I have loved since being very, very young. I used to slop about in my sister's - she's older than me. I desperately wanted a pair like Sandy in Grease (and still do). I can't resist a pair and usually buy the shoes first, and then the outfit to match. My friends used to call me Emelda Marcos. I like flat shoes as well, just about any shoes, but high heels are my favorite.

Unfortunately they are deadly when you have two bad knees that often dislocate. Which leads me to my prolonged absence from the blogging world. Due to a hectic social calendar in June - not sure why we never usually go anywhere - and lots of wearing of the said high heels, my back went into spasm and my one fairly good knee popped out. Fortunately over the last eleven years of living with my dislocating knees I'm fairly good at popping them back into place. The back however had me immobile for nearly two weeks, followed by a week of hobbling about.

During my immobility the girls very kindly managed to make me cold drinks, wrap me up in blankets and bring me books to read. It was pot luck what I got to read from the book shelf, varying from Harry Potter to romance to classics to Dan Brown. Still, its good to read a variety of literature. We managed to carry on with some school work, Sonlight came into its own as the girls got the books down off the shelf and I read to them. Between then they also managed to trash the house. I must teach them to make a cup of tea.

Once I was hobbling again we managed to make a HE meet at the library and take a HE trip to a nearby farm.

The ferret was a huge hit!

This huge bouncy pillow a bigger hit!

Even I held the ferret - it stunk!

We all went bug hunting!
The next night (Friday) dh and I were off to a charity ball. I haven't got the pics yet but it was a wonderful evening in remembrance of my friend's daughter Emily - The Emily Begg Fund. It was a true honour to be invited and lots of wonderful prizes will hopefully have raised lots of money. Dh bid in the auction and won afternoon tea at the Lanesborough Hotel in London, which I am really excited about. Ok, Ok, I shouldn't have given into and worn high heels but it was impossible to wear flats with a full length evening gown and I couldn't resist them when I saw them in the shop.
The weekend came with slight hangovers, alright big hangovers - the wine was free all evening, and the arrival of my friends two daughters (both HE) while she went off the Open University summer school. The girls have very rarely been away from mum so they were a bit upset when she left. But Saturday went well they spent lots of time in the woods and found a 'fantastic' rope swing. Dh told me not to go and look, it went so high. F said it felt like flying!!
All was going well but on Sunday, A locked herself in the toilet for some time, missing mum. But a cuddle and fortunately getting hold of mum on her lunch break for a chat then left me reassuring my friend not to worry, enjoy yourself, make the most of it etc etc. I put the phone down and F literally walked through the door crying, having let go of the rope swing and dropping from a great height. So off we went to hospital and she had, as I suspected, broken her wrist. So much for my reassurance to my friend! But we managed to deal with that and I told my friend later that night, giving her more reassurance that all was well despite that little mishap. Some child minder I turned out to be. The rope swing was banned, despite much pleading from four girls, even F with her broken wrist. Dh stayed in our bedroom for most of the weekend, but commented Thank God I'd been sterilised after 2 children!! Not sure what he means?
Monday the girls went off to the next friend and lets hope she makes a better job of it than me :0) Its very quiet here again. So this week I have been doing housework - lots of. I'm catching up on three weeks of washing and ironing - lots of. My back's hurting and I'm fed up with it now. I've got to work today at least for a couple of hours and then I plan to buy Spiderwick Chronicles, make popcorn and slob out.
Oh & definitely give myself a good talking to about the perils of high heels, well until the next party anyway!


Maymomvt said...

I'm sorry you've been hobbling about. My DH has the bad back, I have the knee. I can't imagine having both.

Linda said...

I wondered how you'd done your back in...

Love the pic of the two girls and the ferret, looks as if Hettie had been told to keep her fingers away from his mouth. ;)

Glad to hear you are recovering well. As for the wrist, what's done is done and fretting wont make it heal any quicker.


Dawn said...

I love high heels as sorry about your poor back! Best of luck to you as you get your house back in order. ;)

Emma said...

Hope your feeling back to normal soon.

I can't wear any heels at all without breaking my neck (even tiny ones) lol!

Mrs. Darling said...

Glad to see you back. I wear heels every sunday and have since I was 13 years old. I guess my poor old back has warped to that by now! LOL

Jenny said...

I wondered where you ahd been! Now rest easy and no more high heels woman, you hear?? LOL

You sure the free wine didnt add to it ;-) ???

Tammy said...

Holy schmoly!

I hope you recover soon, but at least your girls are taking such good care of you. :)

The auction lunch looks fun. I clicked on the link, and the place is so pretty.

I'm amazed at parents who lose a child and still pull together with it all. The charity dinner sounds like it was a very special thing. So sorry for the parents. Has it been long since they lost their daughter?

Lisa said...

Hi Tammy, Emily died 18 months ago, she would have been 16 yesterday. Lisa x

Tammy said...

Oh, how very, very sad. Having an Emily myself, who is 16, that is so hard to hear. Glad you were able to go to the dinner in support.

Poppy and Mei said...

Oh dear.
This one had me saying "OUCHY!" all the way through...great to be reading you again, love to those knees! Xxx