Sunday, 23 November 2008

Change of Template and Wool Dyeing...

I've been having a bit of trouble with blogger this weekend, but all sorted now, thanks go to CJ for her help late last night!! Anyway I changed the template again in an attempt to get it all going again. I've started a new blog to show our planning for anyone who's interested. Its not perfect and it doesn't list everything but its just, well, what we're doing - at the moment anyway!! Its here at Boyceview Planning.

Amidst a fair bit of time spent on the computer today - I haven't indulged for ages - and cleaning the house from top to bottom I maaged to find time to supervise Hettie dyeing some wool from a kit she got last Christmas - OK it's probably about time we got round to it!!

White wool - soaked

Dyes mixed

Poured over the wool, then wrapped in cling film and microwaved.

Rinsed and hung up to dry 'til tomorrow

Actually Hettie did most of this herself with minimal help, except from getting it out of the microwave. It worked pretty well and hopefully she can roll into a ball tomorrow and knit into a scarf.

And Issy, well she watched Kung Fu Panda and practised with the piggies - don't ask!


CJ said...

Well done to Hettie, with dyeing the wool.

I've been over to your planning blog, a great job, very imformative!

CJ x

Bridget said...

This looks smashing. Not so sure about the microwave though. Mine looks a mess when the baked beans explode, let alone dyed wool.

Lisa said...

LOL Bridget - it was well wrapped in the cling film and surprisingly worked quite well :0)