Saturday, 20 December 2008

You Know Its Nearly Christmas...

... when you lose it and have a tantrum at your family. Dh doesn't just have the horrible virus everyone else has got, no he has MAN FLU. The girls sat in pjs watching tv and playing Wii until 1pm. Did I moan, no. I rapidly wrote all the Christmas cards and rushed off to post them, bought nice fresh bread and cooked a variety of fillings for everyone for lunch, wrestled the rest of the deccies up and stepped over things.

I dosed everyone, and cuddled and cooed. I cleaned the windows, including frames, in the front room - admittedly dh helped a bit, but he huffed and coughed loudly while doing so - and I hoovered and dusted. I ordered and paid for Chinese take out and went to have a cuppa.

Dh disappeared and then a loud crash in the back room, and silence. No-one shouted so I thought I'd best investigate. The Christmas tree had fallen over and landed on Isobel, who was quietly sobbing in a corner that the tree had tried to 'eat her', Hettie was engrossed in the tv and dh was deaf to anything - deafness due to man flu I expect. As no-one had carried any left overs to the kitchen there was a fair amount of rice all over which the dog was rapidly trying to hoover up before he got sent out of the room.

I sent Hettie for dh, comforted Issy and explained the tree doesn't like to be moved around and then directed Hettie to clear away. Dh picked up the tree while I disappeared to clean the kitchen. So why did I have a tantrum, well I returned to find dh disappeared, girls engrossed in tv and tree deccies everywhere.

I flipped and screamed Mrs Darling's one touch rule, ie while you're touching it you may as well put it back where it came from (bit basic explanation but you get my drift) While I stomped around the house ranting about tidying up the girls re-decorated the tree, tidied up in double quick time, went to bed and dh mumbled something impolite about Mrs D and her one touch rule under his breath.

Now all is calm, girls in bed, dh in bath sniffing and me - well a glass of wine and plotting new house rules for the new year!


Serendipity said...

Must be a day for it! I like Mrs D's rules very much ;)
Hope tempers dissipate and DH recovers from man-flu quickly.

Ruth said...

Poor Mrs D - I like her rule and try to enforce it here but it never works cos people prefer to walk over things then pick them up. It must be the season for it. We had a humdinger of a domestic today.

emma said...

Yes its definitely been the weekend for it!!! My lot are driving me mad not lifting a finger around the house. I think some house rules sound like a great idea and I will have to draw some up here too!!

Lisa said...

Funny that Ruth, mine have the step over and ignore technique!

Lisa x

Poppy and Mei said...

Right on sista, a nicely balanced day in all I'd reckon...XXxx

Mrs. Darling said...

I laughed right out loud when you said your husband mumbled something impolite about my one touch rule! It just struck a funny chord with me.

Seriously, I do hope he starts feeling better and your poor little Isobel.Thats is so sweet and sad. The awful thing is that laughed about that too. Goodness, my sense of humor needs to be better controlled! LOL

Lisa said...

Have to laugh round here Mrs D, or I may go mad!!!

Lisa :0)

Bridget said...

Dh mumbled something impolite about Mrs D's one touch rule, he's either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid!!!
All the best to you and our family this Christmas Lisa.