Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas Time ....

I feel like we haven't stopped for weeks, home education has gone out the window and we seem to spend all week rushing from one place to another! Monday art club & meet with a couple of HE friends at mine in the afternoon, Tuesday catch up & Brownies, Wednesday HE club, Thursday catch up, Friday Science Club, weekend housework and anything else we haven't managed to fit in.
So the New Year will be one of order and planned education & activity - well that's the plan :0), maybe I could make it a resolution! I need to get the HE sorted for definate, I thought Hettie's was pretty much sorted, but have been browsing again at the Waldorf that works so well for her - and me! Decisions, decisions!! Mind you who wants to do anything when you can just watch tv with your piggie all afternoon! No neither moved for about 2 hours :0)

Brownie Nativity play tonight which dh managed to get to, they were about 18 Brownies down sick but the choir, including Issy sang brilliantly, well loud enough to hear anyway and Hettie was Joseph (a non reading and speaking part) She looked pretty bored I have to say!

Dh is off trying to assist Santa with the last of the pressies, as usual what's on our list is sold out! Oh and me I'm off for some of that organising, so here's a little snippet of some of our deccies which have been a total disaster this year, so I'm not blogging the 'grown up' front room tree cos it looks dreadful and I can't seem to salvage it!

This tree was my mum and dad's - its 48 years old, not one branch lost!

Decorated dog!

Favorite Christmas Toys

Door wreath, made by Hettie, which the dog growls at!

Home Made Angel!

Home Made Star!

Got better at stars!

Picture is the right way up, robin RIP!

Children's finished tree!


Serendipity said...

We have had a few weeks like that. This whole year has felt like it has just tumbled along dragging us with it. We have resolved to slow down and get more order - good luck to us both ;o)
The Deccies you have photographed look lovely!

Dawn said...

My New Year's plans sound a bit like yours. I'm resolving to buckle down on school a bit. This month has been pretty relaxed as far as school goes.
I loved seeing your tree and ornaments...very sweet.

emma said...

I know what you mean about rushing from place to place. I started off fairly organised but last night I remembered I haven't wrapped a single present yet so got it all to do now! Aaarrggh!!!

The tree looks gorgeous and I love Hettie's wreath.

Ruth said...

As you know we have done nothing HE wise. It is one big rush hre too. I feel like Christmas is coming up like a train and time is running out. Love the deccies and the sofa day. Your dog looks cute too.

Bridget said...

Your tree looks lovely. Please tell the Robin to lay off the eggnogg!! Love the pic of the dog.

Lisa said...

LOL Bridget, he's been around since I was little, drunk every year!