Sunday, 28 December 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday time. Hettie was up at 5.30am, which is much better the the usual 4am, and sat with my in laws chatting until 6.45 when we woke up Issy!

Issy checked the mince pie and brandy had gone from by the fire - there was just half a carrot left. Present opening commenced. The dog had to wait for his walk, and as some pretty horrible smells were eminating from him dh hurried us along after an hour.
Everyone round for dinner which was lovely - we ate, drank and were merry - and we had a smashing day!

Mmm, where to start!

Bear boots!

Just what I wanted - its a robotic dog thingy!

Just what I wanted!

Guinea Pig calendar!

This seems to be a Bag Puss outfit!

An obscure book, about an obscure guitar legend - just what dh wanted!

These are hot water bottles - which looked pretty funny in the microwave!

Oh and me - well I got a lovely set of Global chef knives from my mum & dad, and a years membership to English Heritage from my in-laws - brill. Dh bought me a lovely jewellery box which I really wanted and lots of other bits, including the Mamma Mia dvd which I watched last night and cried with laughter, and sang along - loudly!


Bridget said...

Mama Mia is brilliant, the children still sing the Abba songs now. They think they're a new group out, I had to explain they're years old!!

Lisa said...

LOL Bridget!

Mrs. Darling said...

Those are water bottles? How funny!

Those chef knives sound wonderful. Id love some myself.

Dawn said...

So you didn't have microwaved duck and pig for Christmas dinner huh? ;) It sounds like a lovely Christmas.