Sunday, 7 December 2008

It can't be nearly Christmas!!

I did some Sunday morning blog reading to find it seems nearly everyone has their deccies up and preparations in full swing. As usual I seem to start off ahead and then all of a sudden I'm behind!!! Oh well dh and Hettie went off to a fencing competition for the day and so I blitzed the house while Issy made Christmas cards. And as I'd been at work nearly all off this week it really was a tip everywhere. Now I just need to sort some shelf space for all the books I've just got through from amazon.

Not sure how the girls will get on with me adding a bit of Living Maths with the new books, but I'm really enjoying reading them first!

Hopefully this week we can start sorting out the Christmas stuff. And of course I must order the turkey this week, otherwise we'll end up with fishfingers!

Hettie came 3rd in one round and 4th in another and then 12th overall in the girls fencing competition. Dh video'd her matches and we had good fun watching them back, especially listening to her coach cheering her on from the sidelines!

Time to start slackening off on the HE and replace with Christmas activities.


CJ said...

I think the best bit of having new books in the house for the kids, is the reading of them first :-)

CJ x

Lisa said...

LOL I know how much you love a new book CJ!!

Ruth said...

I have ground to a halt too. Decckies up and nothing else done whatsoever. I need to pull my finger out.

Bridget said...

We've slowed right down. I bought some Mr Men books today for a present for somebody. Eden took the mickey out of me bacause I read them first.
A couple of years ago I didn't read the book first and gave it as a birthday present to a 4 yr old and was very embarressed when his Mum told me it was about a cat dying!! I learnt my lesson!!

Lisa said...

Oh no Bridget - how awful, but pretty funny!!