Monday, 3 December 2007

Home Ed Friends......

Today we had some home ed friends over for lunch and a walk through the woods. It was really nice and relaxed, hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!!

We've sort of started our Waldorf (adapted) curriculum over the past couple of weeks. The gnome maths is working out well and I'm amazed how quickly Hettie has picked it up. We used some Montessori cards and books from the library to study Australia and then used them in our main lesson book. Some great work produced! Copying certainly took the pain out of struggling for half an hour over one sentence.

Another home ed mum recommended a lovely book called While The Bear Sleeps all about Winter tales and traditions which lent itself well to a main lesson, and we're planning to continue to read this over the next couple of weeks in the run up to Christmas.

I've ordered lots of Waldorf books and curriculum plans, so I'm waiting in anticipation :0)

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Shirl said...

We really enjoyed yesterday too. Hopefully, the Waldorf stuff will turn up for both of us today!