Saturday, 29 December 2007


I have got rid of bin bags (several) full of rubbish and tomorrow is another day! But I feel much better for it. I have left the deccies - though could do with packing them away now for another year. I relaxed with my beeswax block crayons and did some Old Testament prep this evening, as Hettie goes to grandad for one day a week and not sure if my parents would be happy if I turned up with a blackboard. So I decided to put the work in a sketch book, then grandad can read the stories and the work is ready for Hettie to copy into her main book. I need to practice faces, but fairly pleased with results as I'm no artist.

But I do love the block crayons!

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Shirl said...

I have already packed my deccies away; I did it yesterday. I had to resist the urge to pack them away on Boxing Day!!

Your pictures are really good. I love the strategic placement of greenery ... ;0)