Thursday, 12 February 2009


The weather report said 'sleet' this evening. Well it looks suspiciously like more snow to me:

It looks very, very pretty and girls are extremely excited at the chance they may be sledging again tomorrow. It is very unusual for this part of UK to get so much snow this time of year, so off to check the only pair of warm trousers the girls have each are clean and dry for tomorrow.

Good work by the girls today. Hettie worked hard with maths, history and science. I had to rake about deep in the recesses for teaching photosynthesis!! Issy completed all her Sonlight. She read the history/geography out loud beautifully and worked hard with her handwriting today. Hettie went to a party so Issy got a whole hour piano tuition all to herself.
Ah well back to slipping and sliding tomorrow!


Emma said...

Can you send some snow up north to us please!! We never get any lol!! Last week we had a tiny bit but it didn't stick.

Have fun sledging tomorrow!!


Ruth said...

We got snow too. Loads of it this time. I must get some batteries or the camera tomorrow.

Lisa said...

No sledging - it's turned to slush this morning and is just yuk!


Luke said...

Bummer that it turned to slush. At least it looked like snow for a while there [smile].

And may today's schoolwork be as successful as yesterday's.