Wednesday, 18 February 2009


... those little blighters have struck again. So far in scoring tables Issy in lead with 33 - yes 33 and some of those whoppers - Hettie 2 and Dh 0. Me - I'm waiting for the hot water!

Spent a nice day at my friends and we let the kids ride their bikes over to the common alone, 2 minutes away. This involved crossing one road. 'What on our own!' they cried, 'Yes on your own, clear off and play' we replied. We followed that up with, 'Check back in half an hour, stay together, don't talk to strangers' and much watching out for their return and so on. They had a great time judging by the rosy cheeks and thick mud.

My friend and I spent some happy time discussing the correct use of apostrophies and commas!!

Stuck to my diet - Day 3 and could kill for a bit of chocolate!


emma said...

We've just had a visit from them here too!!

Well done for sticking to the diet. I need to get our healthy eating plan sorted and stick to it. Going shopping later so will be good!!

Serendipity said...

We have been lucky but now Seb is in playgroup I am sure it wont be long.

Bridget said...

Glad the children had a good time, we went to the woods with friends yesterday and the children had a blast, they were covered in mud and soaking wet from mucking about in the stream, there's nothing like good, clean fun is there?