Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Sun...

.... doth shine upon this little corner of our green and pleasant land. Looking like a good day to get tidying the garden, although bedrooms are first on the agenda and we decided on a trip to Hobbycraft as the girls have birthday money burning a hole in their pockets.

I haven't blogged for a while 'cos we have been getting stuck into clearing the loft. For once we're going great guns and stuff is shifting. Its taking some time to get rid of it although L at the Art Factory took a lot for eco art which is her thing!
Hettie went to her first art award session there and apart from having a slight return to old nervous habits - which I haven't seen for a long time now - mainly rolling her tongue around and twisting her sleeves, she got pretty geared up for it. Strange isn't it suddenly your child matures without you really noticing. She's very much aware she's doing this a year early, but keen to prove she can do it. She has to choose an art hero or heroine to research and she's picked her nanny - aah. You're right up there nanny beating Leonardo da Vinci, who came a close second.
Issy will be doing a similar project, and while Hettie chose pastels and watercolours, she has chosen textiles and fashion.
In the course of loft clearance I found my tapestry frame, and after an hour trying to remember how it went together I finally managed it. Now to find something to get my needle busy creating.
They also went to a second maths session, which was a little more chaotic than the first. The main problem was basic maths skill were not good, although you have to remember most of these kids are dyslexic. This has in turn sent me on a maths drive here. They had to design a garden and work out areas and costings. Hettie did really well and persevered even though she has never done this type of maths before and Issy after a slight meltdown in the middle of class, also gathered herself and got it finished. They must have enjoyed it because we repeated in on Saturday. Maths on a weekend, never been heard of here before!
So I was busy last night printing off worksheets for Issy - she loves them - and writing out lists of sums from Hettie's GP maths book, so she's ready to go.
They went into the garden and cut some grass for the guineas - I was hoping they would trim the lot but it takes a while with scissors I suppose!

The guineas turned their little noses up at grass and more or less demanded spinach and curly kale, which are their favorites. They ate it eventually once they realised they weren't getting anything else.
So back to the garden, I really must get it sorted this year and get growing. Mrs D as usual has reminded me of her fantastic canning skills. Not sure I'll ever 'can' but sure I can grow enough to eat and freeze. Plus I can't afford to keep buying veg for 5 hungry guineas.
Well off to do something or the day will drift by and I'll miss the sun, it might be gone tomorrow!


Ruth said...

Sounds busy and fun. Ikwym about veg for animals. Our pet fod bill with veg, hay, straw, sawdust, pellets, cat and dog food is up there with the humans in cost lol.

Dawn said...

That's what we're trying to do here as well...enjoy the good weather while we can. One minute it's snowing, and the's warm and I'm working in the garden.

Twinkle said...

Looks like a lovely time is being had there. Shame we arent closer you could have had our excess, we have so much waste.

kellyi said...

We must have common guinea's, because ours love a bit of grass, and banana skins.

How are the babies?

Lisa said...

Babies are fine thanks Kelly, squeaking in chorus ;0)

I didn't get to the garden as it proceeded to pour with rain.


nikki said...

Are you coming back to blog??? I keep checking back in from time to time...hoping.Nikki

Mrs. Darling said...

Havent been over here in a while. I had to laught at the thought of the kids doing the yard with scissors! That seems to me like a good thing to have my kids do when they dare to say they are bored! LOL